Humidity Digital Thermometer Hygrometer 


1,Measure indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, Celsius and Fahrenheit conversion

2,Highest and lowest temperature humidity memory function

3,Can view historical temperature and humidity data

4,Connect up to 3 outdoor units (with one outdoor unit in regular packaging)

5,Two high-magnetic magnets on the rear shell of the main unit can be attached to metal objects

6,There is a bracket on the back of the main unit, which can stand in a horizontal position

7,High sensitivity touch button control, easy to operate

8,Comfort indicator, temperature and humidity trend indicator

9,HTN large-screen high-definition no-view LCD display

10,With backlight, it will automatically turn off the backlight after 10 seconds without operation

11,The outdoor unit can be hung with hanging holes or stand on a horizontal surface

12, Outdoor unit XP4 waterproof

Product parameters:

Indoor temperature range: -4°F-158°F (-20°C-70°C)

Outdoor temperature range: -40°F-158°F (-40°C-70°C)

Humidity range: 20%-95%

Comfort display: dry, comfortable, wet

Temperature display unit: °C/°F optional

Temperature resolution: 0.1°C/°F

Humidity resolution: 1%

Refresh rate: 10 seconds.

Error: temperature plus or minus 1℃, humidity plus or minus 5%

Wireless receiving range: 60 meters/197 feet

RF wireless frequency: 433 MHz

Power supply: AAA batter

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