Instant Read Electronic Food Thermometer Digital Kitchen Cooking Meat BBQ Thermometer

1. Temperature range: -50~300°C (-58~572°F) 
2. Accuracy: ±1°C (±2°F) (between -50°C and 200°C) and other ±2°C (±2°F). 
3. Resolution: 0.1°C(0.2°F) 
4. Measurement period: 0.8S 
5. No operation for 10 minutes, the machine will automatically shut down. 
6. There is a luminous function, voice broadcast function, the voltage is lower than 1.1V display LOB. 
7. Receive probe product size: 150*23*38mm 
8. After opening the probe, the product size: 272*23*38mm 
9. Product working voltage: 3.0V 7th battery X2. 
10. Product weight: a single net weight of 62g; gross weight of 70g.


Stainless steel probe 304. The boiling water temperature can be read out within 5 seconds, and the voice broadcast function can be read. Press the button to turn on the night light.

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